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Why Quinto Ego

Innovation, creativity and tradition for unique jewelry

Quinto Ego interprets the world of fashion through unique creations, in which Made in Italy tradition and creativity blends with the contemporaneity of a fashionable and innovative design. The choice of materials and their processing, continuous research and testing of innovative techniques are the result of an extraordinary experience in the accessories field.
Each Quinto Ego jewel is dreamed of, before being created: every idea comes from a dream and take form through designing, molding and workmanship. Each Quinto Ego creation is unique, finished by hand with great care.


The artisan process

The pieces are unique and never identical even only for a minute detail, as a result of the merger and of a finishing process that still uses the traditional techniques of welding fire. With an interplay between polishing and blackening processing, the Quinto Ego tecnique emphasizes evocative details on each creation, in a way that only the hand-made art can do.


Selected raw materials

Quinto Ego weaves silver and semi-precious stones such as onyx, citrine, garnet, topaz, amethyst, kyanite, agate, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and malachite, with insertions of double-grain calfskin leather, tubular leather and hammered full-grain cowhide. The raw materials are selected and strictly controlled before being used, to create high-quality piece of jewelry.

Quinto Ego jewelry is made of pure 925 silver and do not contain nickel to avoid possible allergic reactions.

925 Silver is synonymous with means quality and durability. When you buy a precious jewel made od silver, you must make sure that silver meet the highest quality standards. The number “925” means that the metal is the combination of 92.5 % silver and 7.5% of another metal, typically copper. This combination ensures both the strength of the metal, considerably more resistant to deterioration, and its malleability, which is a very appreciated characteristic it makes silver an excellent material for jewelery and allows our craftsmen to create jewelry cared to the smallest detail.

925 silver is the highest quality silver and 925 silver-made jewels are among the most soughtafter objects.

Quinto Ego never uses nickel in combination with silver, because it may cause allergic reactions: Quinto Ego jewels are nichel free.


Made in Italy

Quinto Ego jewelry creations are designed, manufactured and packaged exclusively within the workshop Company, a short walk from the center of Carrara: all Quinto Ego creations are entirely Made In Italy.


The brand

Quinto Ego and its roots take us back in time, in Tuscany, in Carrara, a town where the secrets of gold and silver traditional craftmanship were preserved. The first Company called Carrararti was born in 2005, from three generations goldsmith esperiece trasmitted by Crocetti famiy, in the last two decades, to Nicola Bastreri e Gianni Crocetti. In 2011, their will of growth, combined with the creative spirit of a young team of designers, led the two partners to introduce a new brand to the market: Quinto Ego.


Secure Payments 100%

The purchase safety concluded by credit card is ensured by SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). During online payment the customer will be directed to a secure server managed by BNL or PayPal. Credit card details will be encrypted and protected. In this way it is guaranteed that no one can in any way read the information sent over the Internet.
Quinto Ego will never be aware of the number of its customers credit cards. This procedure is absolutely safe and fully guarantees both the buyer and the seller.

You can purchase in several ways:
  1. Credit Card - Quinto Ego will not record, use, disclose Credit Cards details in any way: Quinto Ego will not have access to such data, which will be managed by the bank BNL for Quinto Ego and Paypal, according to their terms and conditions of use of the service.
  2. Wire Transfer - The transfer must be made no later than 7 days from the date of purchase. Exceeded the 7-day limit, the purchase order will no longer be valid, and all the objects will be put for sale in any manner decided by Quinto Ego.
  3. Cash On Delivery - The purchase will be completed to the payment of the goods. In the event that the goods will not be delivered (lack of information, no buyer at home or wrong information on address delivery, etc.) and will exceed the shipping service storage limit, it will be returned to the sender (Quinto Ego), to which the customer may require a second expedition at his charge no later than 20 working days. Exceeded the 20 days limit, for the request for a second expedition (with expenses charged to the customer), the purchase order will no longer be considered valid, and all products will be put on sale by the Quinto Ego.

Cash On Delivery is not considered a valid payment method for shipments outside the Italian territory.


Free and Fast Delivery

Delivery is FREE on all the Italian territory and shipping costs are the responsibility of Quinto Ego for orders over 50 euro. On orders under 50 euros shipping costs amount to 7 euros for each order. Delivery times are usually 2/3 working days, although for certain jewels that require special processing delivery times can be up to 7 working days. These times are due to handmade creation and finishing of each individual object, specially made for the customer who ordered it.

Delivery is made by GLS.

Cash on Delivery is not a valid payment method outside of Italy.


Money back guarantee

Quinto Ego pays special attention to customer satisfaction, so if after receiving the jewel you realize that the measure is not right you can change it without additional expenses, Quinto Ego will pay all expenses except the direct return of product.
Within 14 days of receipt of the jewel you can exercise the right of withdrawal and return the purchased jewel, without incurring any penalty. For more information Click here.