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General Notes

Quinto Ego is a society with it’s registered address in Via Sorgnano 1Bis/A, 54033 Carrara (MS), Italy. The use of photos of the products done by Quinto Ego is estrictly forbidden for any commercial use without a previous request and approval licence.
Any person(s) who place an order on quintoegoshop accepts all the Terms and Conditions of purchasing and selling, reported below.

Purchase Conditions

Acceptable payment methods:
  1. Credit card - Quinto Ego will not register, use, share the information of the Credit Cards in any way, specially because it won’t have access to this information, that will be maneged by BNL Bank and Paypal for Quinto Ego, according to their service terms and procedures.
  2. Bank Transfer - Bank Transfer shoud be done withing 7 days from the purchase data. Exceed 7 days, the purchase will not be considered valid any longer, all the goods will be placed for sale, in any supply modality done by Quinto Ego.
  3. Pay On Delivery - Purchase will be completed upon the payment of goods. In case goods won’t be delivered (missing information, purchaser not at home or wrong shipping address information, etc) and will exceed the shipping stock time, goods will be reforward to sender (Quinto Ego) to whom you can ask a second shipment carriage forward within 20 business days. Running out of the 20 days, available time for a second shipment request with the carriage forward, the purchase won’t be no longer consider valid, all the goods will be placed for sale, in any supply modality done by Quinto Ego.

Pay on Delivery is not a valid payment method outside of Italy.

In case of any missing address information, Quinto Ego will try to contact the purchaser through (email, phone number, mobile) to get more information. This may cause a delay on the delivery.


Shipping times approximately within 7 business days. These days are necessary for the creation and finishing of the handmade items, exclusively produce for the client at receiving order.

For Italy shipping costs are covered by Quinto Ego on orders over 50,00 euros. On orders under 50,00 euros shipping costs amount to 7,00 euros for each order.

For Europa, shipping costs amount to 25,00 euros for each order.

For USA, shipping costs amount to 35,00 euros for each order.

For the rest of the world, shipping costs amount to 48,00 euros for each order.

Please note, custom duties and taxes incurred at the point of entry to the destination country are the responsibility of the customer.

To Pay On Delivery there is an extra cost of  6,00 euros (this is not a valid payment method outside of Italy)



Quinto Ego is committed to protecting our customers' privacy, respecting the disciplinary code for privacy D.Lgs. n. 196/2003. The personal data required to place an order is manage through informatic supports and will be used just to process your orders and for no reason will be given away to others.

Wrong Size

If you've purchased a ring and the measure is not the correct one you can send it back and we will send you for free the ring of the right size. Quinto Ego will pay all expenses except the direct return of the product. To make the return you simply communicate the intention by writing an email to info@quintoego.com
Quinto Ego will authorize the return of the goods to the customer by communicating the address where to ship the goods. The shipment may be effected either by courier or postal service. The cost of shipping is borne by the customer. Quinto Ego disclaims any liability in case of theft or loss of goods during re-entry.



It’s possible to render the item in their original condition within 14 days of the receipt, this means integrate packaging, complete of all the pieces integrating the product, otherwise Quinto Ego reserves the right to refuse the return, also if the prodoct is damaged for any reasons not concerning shipping.
Quinto Ego will authorize the return comunicating the address where to send it, the purchaser accept full responsibility for the cost and safe return of any item.



After Quinto Ego will receive the refunds will check that all the requirerments have been fulfilled with, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation.

Upon acceptance of the returned item we will ask our bank to refund the money and this may take up to 10 days.

If you used your Pay Pal account, we will refund on that account and this will be visible within the following 24 hours.

The time to display the amount on your account depends on the institute that issued your card.



The client who would like to have a purchase invoice has to send an e-mail required it to info@quintoego.com, giving all necessary details for it.

We aim to remind that from January 1st 2008 the tax code is also necessary in addition to the vat code.



Quinto Ego reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, with or withouth prior notification.